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Every holiday season, it is tradition that businesses decorate for the holidays. Many add small and whimsical touches indoors such as stockings or tinsel. Some may even put up a office Christmas tree. When it comes to decorating outside however, many business cringe at the thought of installing Christmas lights. If you have ever done it before, you know the hassles and time it takes to hang lights.

Whether you're a store, mall, restaurant or hotel, we understand the busy and chaoctic nature the holiday season can bring. Even muncipalities such as townships and boroughs can be caught in the hustle and bustle of Christmas.

There are professionals that can do the holiday light installing for you safely, timely and right. Why worry about how to get the decorating done when you can focus on your business. Dynamic Celebration Lighting is here to help with all of your commercial seasonal lighting needs!

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Boost Your Bottom Line With Holiday Lighting

Everyone knows that Christmas lights bring the holiday cheer. A great holiday display brings joy to many within the community and creates buzz around town. However, there are more definitive reasons why to add Christmas lights to your business this year.

Increased Revenues
The restaurant chain Golden Corral conducted a split-test among all their locations during the holiday season. Some had Christmas lights professionally installed and some did not. They concluded that the locations with lights had more new customers and made more money! The increased revenues even continued after the lights came down. It goes to show that christmas lights are a solid commercial investment.

Increased Happiness
A study published by the Journal of Environmental Psychology has found that Christmas lights cause dopamine spikes, a feel-good hormone. It creates a neurological shift that produces happiness. Your employees (and customers) will be happier with holiday lights professionally installed at your business.

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